Adopting an Adoption State of Mind

Well, I have finally done it. My passion for talking has given way to my need for writing as well. Anyone surprised?

For those who know my story well, it is old news that I have had somewhat of an abnormal life, while still somehow managing to have had a perfectly normal one. For those of you who are new to me & my existence, welcome. It’s so great to have you here.

Having a unique perspective on adoption and all that THAT world entails, I get a lot of questions surrounding the process, the emotions, the experiences, etc. I have never minded answering these questions and have often felt as if these questions push my own understanding of the life I have been given. Who doesn’t love a good push, eh? With these questions often comes a reflection period for me, where I get to dive deeper into my thoughts and experiences, and this usually results in some minor epiphany or “takeaway”, as my father likes to call them.

All of this to say, I have decided to start jotting down some of these questions, moments, reflections, thoughts, epiphanies, takeaways, and what-have-you. Following this introduction, I will publish a very brief history of my adoption process to catch everyone up to speed, and questions are not only welcomed but encouraged!

Really, please ask questions because my creative side is not up to par for this writing nonsense.

My goal is to write therapeutically, and my purpose of publishing is to hold myself accountable to this exercise. This is not a lifestyle blog, but it is a blog about my life. Grab your glasses, magnify the font, snag a glass of wine, pull your puppies close, and let’s dig into my adoption state of mind.

8 thoughts on “Adopting an Adoption State of Mind

  1. Such a great idea! Ok question: How does the family you have met so far on your biological side compare in real life to what you imagined before meeting them (us 😉)?


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